7 August, 2020

Collaboration is important to us. As a brand, we are always on the hunt for any potential partnerships that could help strengthen football culture, especially here in Malaysia. In SC Barai, a social club based in Kuala Lumpur, we have found a special one.


Celebrating football has been one of the main missions of HAVITALL, and SC Barai has been doing that since day one. The members of SC Barai, who call themselves Budak Barai, congregate on (almost) weekly basis to enjoy a game of football. Nutmeg (ole) in games is a must whilst at the same time they practice a “parap free” football. Let’s be frank, 99.9% of us who play football socially is probably not good enough to go professional…so why not just enjoy the beautiful game.

The ability to remind themselves and others why they love football is such an important aspect of Barai. Such showing of passion towards football is what drives this collaboration. At HAVITALL, any step that can be taken to build momentum towards a unique Malaysian football culture is what keeps us going. To us, the future of football has always been with the community.

Image by The Nin Photos

For those who are interested to know more about SC Barai, do check them out on their socials.

Instagram : baraiofficial | Twitter : SCBarai



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