SC Barai Officially Unveils 2021 Jersey

Honouring the past, but also looking towards the future.

Faithful to the DNA of Barai, the fresh new home kit features a popping tribal-esque pattern which spells out Barai on the shoulder and sleeves. This pattern, which is replicated throughout the kit, symbolises the element of togetherness in achieving something beautiful with a tight knit community like Barai.

The home jersey retains the  traditional Barai colours, with injection of white and a more vibrant coral. This jersey reinforces Barai’s unique identity & its impact on the Malaysian football community.


A visually distinctive design and a reflection of the character of SC Barai. Merging yellow & blue as its core colours in a pattern of organized chaos, celebrating the bolder & a more expressive side of Barai.

The two colours also symbolically reflect the hope  for the local football and the willingness to take responsibility for change, even with one simple step.

A refreshed patch design is a representation of playfulness and ambition to go beyond the field of play.

Get yours today.

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