SC Barai (pronounced as es-see-bah-rai), is a community football club  where football, music & culture collide. It aims to reset the football culture in Malaysia, encouraging participation for all with the right football conversations and interactions. Yes, it will be tough, but let them show you the way.

Harnessing the uniting power of football, SC Barai (founded by Remi – you may know him from Tifo Arena, the Malaysian football content creator) began with a rag tag bunch of guys coming together to play casual, drama-free football. Now, SC Barai has grown to over 100 members (fondly known as Budak Barai), ranging from Gen Zs to fathers with teenage kids, garnered through strong social media following.

What made them come together, and more importantly, what makes them stay in SC Barai? Some may see it as just a game, but it’s the strong sense of brotherhood cultivated by the Barai DNA that keeps them going. With various levels of footballing skills across the members, Budak Barai support and drive each other to become better, on and off the pitch.


Literally FOOTBALL by all, for all

Definition of a Barai football session is where everyone pitches in to organize, gets equal playing time, everyone pushing each other to be the best they can be and goal celebrations are deliberately over-the-top. Why play if you can’t have fun?

Support for (good) local MUSIC

Nothing makes people sing louder than football and music. SC Barai aims to deepen this connection by exposing Budak Barai to good local musicians, and getting selected bands to join the Barai games giving these bands exposure to potential new fans.

Creating CULTURE through community

Whether through social interactions or their merchandise, Budak Barai are engaged through a wide range of topics such as tactics, health and performance improvement, ART and football club sustainability. Not about who’s not getting paid this month (super boring and it hurts the brain too!).

Now that’s Barai 101 for you. If this tickles you fancy, give them a follow on Instagram & Twitter.

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