Some of you may heard that one of the biggest names in high fashion is rumoured to be taking over one of the biggest football club in the world (if you don’t know AC Milan, we can’t be friends).

Whilst this may seem odd, think again because in recent times we’ve seen more and more high fashion brands move into unchartered territory with previously unthinkable collaborations. Imagine the number of dropped jaws when Vetements collaborated with DHL. A basic tshirt with the DHL logo slapped on the front costed a whopping GBP185 (and it was sold out before the official launch! ) 

Some other notable collaborations include Supreme and Louis Vuitton, Jordan Brand and Dior, as well as Crocs x Balenciaga (!!!). The fact that LV recently hired Virgil Abloh, the founder of OFF-WHITE, a streetwear brand) gives a strong signal on how the market is moving forward. 

Image courtesy of en.psg.fr

With these progress making inroads, I guess it makes sense for LV to tap into AC Milan. Not only is Milan the world’s fashion capital, but it is also a brand that has accumulated massive (almost cultlike) followings over years of existence. This provides room for a new growth and access to a new set of potential fans and consumers, have your pick.

Things are changing as we know it, and in a major way. Conforming to traditional ideas of how to grow a football club or businesses may or may not work anymore in this era. Thinking out of the box matters, especially now in these unprecedented times. So, be the change.

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