Change is inevitable. Say hello to our new logo!

Back in the early days of HAVITALL, we were inspired by the streetwear scene around the world, including Malaysia, that was booming with out of the box designs. Colours were experimented wildly and graphics were very on-point and relevant. In short, it wasn’t just a T-shirt, it’s walking art.

So, we set out to combine our two passions, awesomely designed tees with our love for the game (that’s football in case you’re wondering). With a lot of hope, prayers and coffee, upon the release of our products we then realized that there’s a lot of you out there who share the same passion as ours.

This drives us further to make better quality  products, which inspired this new alternative logo for HAVITALL. A new logo to signify our continued focus in creating an impact in the local and regional football scene.

Your support means everything to us, and we will continue to push further for you.

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